Meeting The Need For Armored Swat And Tactical Vehicles

Military Tactical VehicleSince the advent of the armored vehicle, police and military forces have depended upon them to provide protection and transport on dangerous and high risk missions. With so many flash points in the world today, armored vehicles are more important than ever, and the Armored Group is leading the way in providing these vehicles in a variety of shapes and forms. From SWAT armored vehicles and military tactical vehicles to prisoner transportvehicles, armored suburbans, and more, the Armored Group has become synonymous with state-of-the-art, armored SWAT, rapid deployment, military and police tactical vehicles.

When choosing armored transport for the kind of missions they embark on every day, law enforcement and military officials look for vehicles that feature superior engineering and design. The types of tactical situations these organizations face on a daily basis call for a vehicle that’s up to the challenge every time. The Armored Group's SWAT armored vehicles, led by the BATT (Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport) series, are bulletproof and built to withstand attacks of any kind. In tactical and transport situations of the highest magnitude including evacuations, rescues and the like, failure is not an option. Neither is a vehicle that can't perform under such elevated circumstances. With the BATT series, law enforcement officers and military troops are always in good hands.

The Armored Group offers a number of other amazing options in addition to its SWAT armored line. Among these options are our cab body non-armored trucks, which are often used by SWAT teams in rapid deployment situations, a new line of military tactical vehicles to be announced soon, prisoner transport vehicles, armored Suburbans, for tactical armored response. All of our armored vehicles are fitted with materials from the only certified armor plate manufacturer on the market today as well as "glass clad polycarbonate," which provides increased ballistic protection over the former industry standard, "bulletproof glass." It all adds up to superior ballistic protection and vehicles that will lead the way in tactical missions for years to come.

For military and tactical missions of the highest order, make sure your vital interests are protected by a vehicle unrivaled in its durability and impenetrable build. If your organization or unit is in need of vehicles that offer the absolute highest level of protection in any circumstance, the Armored Group's line of SWAT armored vehicles answers the call. Discover the model that best suits your needs, and rely on our engineering and manufacturing capabilities when the chips are down.

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