Used Prisoner Transport Vans, Trucks & Armored Security Vehicles

I’m in the market for used prisoner transport vans. Can you help?

We offer both used prisoner transport vans and used prisoner transport trucks as part of our line of used armored security vehicles. In addition, we feature bulletproof trucks, used armored SWAT vans and more from such names as Ford and General Motors. Learn more about the great armored cars, armored vans, and armored trucks available at The Armored Group.

Look to The Armored Group for a versatile line of used armored security vehicles including:

Our Ford and General Motors armored cars and armored vans are customized to meet your needs. Learn more about our inventory today.

Our used prisoner transport vans and used prisoner transport trucks are Ford and General Motors products customized to offer maximum protection and durability. You’ll also find a variety of other used armored security vehicles including used armored SWAT vans. The Armored Group is the leading name in armored cars and armored vans. We invite you to discover why.

At The Armored Group we are known for our used armored security vehicles. Here you’ll find used prisoner transport vans, bulletproof trucks including used prisoner transport trucks, used armored SWAT vans, and much more. Our armored trucks and vans are just a taste of the countless options we offer.

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