Used Tactical Trucks

Are used tactical trucks available through The Armored Group?

We offer used tactical trucks as well as vehicles for prisoner transport and money transport, used armored SWAT vans and other SWAT vehicles, bulletproof trucks, tactical vehicles and more. Our Ford used armored trucks and used armored cars feature state of the art engineering and design and are built for maximum protection and performance.

The Armored Group is the first name in used armored cars and used armored trucks and offers:

  • Used tactical trucks
  • Used armored SWAT vans and other SWAT vehicles
  • Money transport vehicles
  • Tactical vehicles

Choose from Ford, GM, and Chrysler products custom designed to meet and exceed your protection needs.

Let us be your source for used tactical trucks and so much more. Our used armored trucks and used armored cars set the industry standard. Look to us also for used armored SWAT vans and other SWAT vehicles, tactical vehicles, bullion transport vehicles, and other options from great names like Ford and GM.

At The Armored Group, we offer everything from used tactical trucks and prisoner transport vehicles to bulletproof trucks and used armored SWAT vans. If you’re in the market for used armored cars and/or used armored trucks, you’ve come to the industry’s number one source for armored vehicles.

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