Safety Features Only Found in Used Armored Vehicles

If you are in the market for a new or used armored vehicle from the Armored Group, we are dedicated to offer you a sense of protection for what matters most: your life. With so many vehicles on the market today, you need to choose the vehicles that will suit ALL your needs, not just protective detail. Here are some safety features you can only find in used luxury or SWAT armored vehicles.

Original or Exact Match OEM Vehicle Parts

We are OEM certified to work on parts directly from the manufacturer and replace parts with high-quality original products. The process for armoring a vehicle means taking the vehicle apart and securing key components, then re-manufacturing the vehicle to like-new with all its parts. This is what keeps the aesthetic inconspicuous. You don’t want your vehicle to be obvious with its armored features – after all, what’s the point in that?

Bonus Features Not Standard with the Vehicle Make and Model

When you buy any regular vehicle off the lot, you have the option between basic, upgraded and fully loaded vehicle models. With a used armored vehicle, you have the choice to request some of those upgraded features on a standard used vehicle. We customize vehicles to be armored from B1 to B7+ levels, and we receive requests all the time for bonus features not found in standard models. For luxury private transportation clients, you will enjoy the luxuries of built in-wireless technology for communications and connectivity in remote locations. Other notable features are automatic doors or the automatic foot rest extensions. Tactical and law enforcement agencies will often request hidden storage compartments for weapons or gear. They will also enjoy the benefits of wireless and satellite communications for covert operations.

Concealed Gun Ports

This feature is most important for undercover military or law enforcement security vehicles. Most SWAT teams prefer vehicles that are not up armored for quick maneuvers and to be conspicuous. They do want other features found in our top-line used armored trucks, cars or SUVs. Undetectable gun ports allow specialty sniper teams to focus in on a shot from a covert location when they are dealing with hostile territories or even hostage scenarios.

Bullet-Resistant Glass for Continued Visibility and Escape Necessity

Standard glass shatters upon impact with a bullet. Not only will the bullet carry straight through to impact anyone in the line of fire, it makes all passengers vulnerable and susceptible to being struck with subsequent bullets. When you are in the market for a new or used armored car or truck available for sale, make the necessary choice to replace your automotive glass with a bullet-resistant composition. If you plan to travel into hostile territories or think you are at risk for gunfire, this special and complex glass will afford you escape without harm. Any bullet spray will only impact the outer layers, and you will continue to be able to see to move out of the line of fire.

Other notable safety and optional features only found in lightly or fully armored vehicles include:

  • Tires with Run Flat Technology – Allows you to continue rolling even if your tires were struck by bullets or explosive devices
  • Battery and Gas Tank Plating – Thicker steel surround gas tanks and car batteries to reduce/eliminate bullet or explosion impact. Without protection, these would render the vehicle inoperable upon penetration
  • Data Control Center – In-vehicle communication support to store data and allow for wireless or satellite communication in remote locations
  • Counter or Desk Spaces – surfaces that fold down when not in use

The Armored Group is your source for new and used armored cars, trucks and SUVs for sale. Our lightly-used armored vehicles are more affordable and we can customize them to your needs. You will not be sacrificing quality, vehicle performance or exterior aesthetics. Our goal is to get you safely home every time. Feel free to browse our inventory or get in touch with our sale representatives today!